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VFW National Home

A a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars,  you have most likely  heard of the VFW National Home for Children, if  by no other means than the  pray that is said during normal post meetings.

But what is the VFW National Home for Children?   The National Home is  just one  way the the Veterans of Foreign Wars help keep it’s commitment to  help our fellow service members and their families.  It is more than just a home for  children.  It is a support facility for the entire family.   The effects of  war can take it’s toll on not only  the veteran, but also  the members of their family.   The  can include emotional wounds, financial stress, fractured family relationships, hopelessness and more can often be the outcome  now, recently or from earlier generations.

There are many ways to help support the VFW national Home – one of which is becoming a member.  There are other ways as well.  The Senior Vice Commander for the State of Nebraska has initiated a fund raiser to help the home.  Many  people have commented that as a State Commander,  he should not  have a ponytail.   So  to that end,  Joe has decided to  Auction off the right to cut off his Ponytail.  The winning  bidder, gets the right to snip off the ponytail immediately following his installation as the Nebraska State Commander in June 2019.  All  the money raised will be donated  to the national Home.

You can read about this fundraising event and others at the VFW national Home for Children’s website.


Ponytail Auction

Ponytail Auction